“Welcome to Burger Time—where it's always beef o'clock! Can I take your order?” — Miles "Tails" Prower

Sonic For Hire: "Restart" (Season 4 Premiere) is a Machinima episode in which Sonic once again gets a job at Burger Time, and his first customer is Tails, who rubs his success in Sonic's face. This is the first episode of Sonic for Hire to air as a part of Machinia's Happy Hour block.


Time for Sonic to start from the bottom all over again.
— Video description


Sonic arrives at Burgertime, with Knuckles immediately telling him to leave. Sonic admits that he actually came to apologize about his prank back in the "Burgertime" episode, and was hoping that Knuckles could give him another chance. Knuckles tells Sonic that he is still scrubbing his jizz off the deep fryers. He further suspects that Sonic's nice guy act is him trying to weasel his way into his fortunes and his moped. Sonic fully claims that he has turned over a new leaf. Knuckles initially believes Sonic is sincere and puts him on drive-thru duty. Sonic then suspiciously states that he will not smoke crack in the bathroom, claiming he had a brief struggle with it and quit. Sonic then head off to tend to his first customer.

Out at the drive-thru window, Sonic tends to his first customer, who happens to be none other than his former friend Tails, in a pimped out sports car. Tails begins chuckling when he sees his former hero working the drive-thru and sarcastically asks how he has been. Sonic haltingly says hello to Tails, angry that he has not died after blowing up his mob business. It turns out blowing up Sonic's cash blew up Tails' bank account, by giving him the inspiration to create Cash Explosion, the biggest selling mobile game in history. Tails then begins blaring an 8-bit rendition of Barbie Girl, forcing Sonic to yell halfhearted compliments at his success. Tails finally places his order of two burgers and a vanilla shake. Sonic tells him the total comes up to $8.00 and says farewell, telling Tails it was good seeing him. Tails replies by giving Sonic a face full of vanilla and peels away saying "It's good being me." Sonic the heads to the bathroom, with Knuckles telling him his shift just started. Sonic answers, rather sarcastically, that he is not going to smoke crack in the bathroom and burn the place down with a crack pipe. The episode ends with Knuckles looking upon the burning ruins of Burgertime, accepting that he still has his moped. Sonic rides by on said moped while high, explaining that he is going to sell it for more crack.

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