Sonic For Hire: Angry Birds is the eight episode of the second season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the twenty-first episode overall. In this episode, Sonic is tasked with killing the Angry Birds crew.


Sonic is back in Mario's office, the former plumber thanking him for killing Toad, telling him that he is closer to working off his debt. Sonic proudly states that he "has a knack for murder", and got face-sex from Birdo, despite Mario's claims that she/he may have been the opposite gender, but Sonic does not care as he never checks for penises. Mario gives out assignment #2: To take out a certain group of pissed off birds that have been rivaling his popularity. Sonic bids "Mario Batali" farewell again. Sonic arrives in the world of Angry Birds, meeting Chuck, Red, and Matilda by their signature slingshot. The flightless birds mock him for his outdated attempts to look hip and edgy, as well as assuming he is trying to mooch off their success. Sonic sarcastically compliments them and mocks them for people mostly playing their game on the toilet. He then offers the birds some gum, which they enjoy. When asked where he got the gum, Sonic says he made it from his own recipe: Rice and Alka-Seltzer. He watches as the birds go cross-eyed, foam at the mouth, and die as their stomachs explode. With 2 jobs done, Sonic speeds off to the Pigs' castle to fry up some bacon and eggs, even taking Matilda's corpse to make a "kick-ass omelet".

Characters Appearing


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  • Matilda has a male voice actor despite being female.
    • This is probably due to Matilda not being a confirmed female at the time of the video release.