Sonic For Hire: Atari is the second episode of the fourth season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the forty-first episode overall. In this episode, Sonic works on the Atari games, but fails every time.

Characters Appearing


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Sonic finds himself in Space Invaders, remarking on how shitty it looks. The Man driving the Shooter tells him that Atari is the only console he can find employment, since he has fucked up every other game he has entered. When an alien fires a hit on him, Sonic compares the sensation to both butterfly kisses and a bird taking a shit on him. When the Shooter Man tells him to tell what he just said to his fallen comrades, Sonic ultimately decides to finish the job himself. He uses his impressive speed to wipe out all the remaining aliens and leaves, looking for another shitty game to work in.

Sonic soon finds himself in the infamous E.T. the Extra Terrestrial. He is discovered by Elliot, who asks him if he can help build a phone for his alien friend. Sonic volunteers to help if the boy gets his mother's purse for him. Elliot is then run over by Tails' sweet ride. The fox is rather delighted to see his former best friend slumming through the video game ghetto. When Sonic chews Tails out for ruining his chances of scoring cash, the fox blares an 8-bit version of Bad Romance and laughs at him. He tells Sonic that he has to go, as he has a date with Drew Barrymore, and she hate it when Tails is late. After luring him with a ride to Elliot's mom's house and peeling away, Sonic hijacks Elliot's bike to find E.T. himself.

Sonic soon finds the alien and tells him to get in the basket. When E.T. tells Sonic that he needs to "phone home", Sonic shares some of is crack with him, telling him it will fly him "all the way back home". The two crackheads recreate the "moon bike" scene from the movie, only for E.T. to fall from the basket in midair. The spaceman dies upon impact to the ground when Sonic falls next to him, pixel cops surrounding him. Finding himself back in jail, Sonic declares that things cannot get worse. Murphy's Law immediately comes to effect when Thunderhead approaches him, and grosses him out by trying to retrieve a condom of wine smuggled in his ass.

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