The Bar Heater is a minor character who first appeared in "the Tapper". Sonic and Tails had not idea had to run a Mob buisness so Tails had the idea of strongarming a bar. When they first arrived Sonic told him they were the new musscle in town, the bar heater thought that they were here to help him and asked them to start washing mugs since they were backed up like crazy, which Sonic does. Tails then tells him that they took over Mario's buisness and wanted their cut of the bar's profits, only for the Bar Heater to tell them that buisness was failing and gives them the keys to the bar telling them they could have it and then leaves. Sonic was happy about owning a bar but thengot board of it and told Tails to burn it down. However, the second the two entered the bar, Kirby already started a fire

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