Sonic For Hire: Bomberman is the fourth episode of the second season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the seventeenth episode overall. In this episode, Sonic tries to murder his daughter Soniqua, but instead, he makes a new friend...


Sonic is visiting Tails in the hospital, questioning him about how he goes to the bathroom with his cast. Tails, who can now speak, explains that they cut a hole in it. After scaring him into thinking that someone might try to take advantage of him through the "crap gap", Sonic explains that he came back to the hospital after becoming a ghost in the last episode. He also tells Tails that he has found a new job, and is taking Soniqua along for Take Your Daughter To Work Day. Though Sonic secretly wishes for Soniqua to be killed on the job so he won't have to pay child support anymore. Sonic and his daughter then leave tails at the mercy of a 48-hour marathon of Little House on the Prairie on Telemundo. Sonic's new job is revealed to be in Bomberman, where he is helping Bomberman get rid of some leftover bombs. Soniqua is introduced to Bomberman after initially scaring him. Sonic then states that she will be helping them and feeds her a bomb. Soniqua then devours all the bombs in the area and lets out a hearty belch. With the job done, Bomberman happily pays Sonic. Sonic, however, is confused at the thought of an employer not trying to kill him or turning him into anything. Bomberman logically questions why he would do such a thing, even paying him extra, then inviting him for tacos and getting hammered. At that moment, however, Soniqua vomits the leftover bombs onto Bomberman, destroying him. Soniqua then tells her father that she wants ice cream. Sonic responds with a defeated " Of course you do."

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