(In the hospital)

Sonic: Nice body cast. How do you take a dump in that thing?

Tails: They cut a hole.

Sonic: You ever worry of some demented orderly who will take advantage of you through the, uh, crap gap?

Tails: Well I do now, dick! Ugh, what the fuck do you want?

Sonic: Yeah, I got turned into a ghost, so I came here to get fixed up real quick. Plus, I found a gig, and it's "Take Your Daughter to Work" day.

(Soniqua plays around in the hospital)

Sonic: What are the odds?

Tails: Daughter? I thought Soniqua was a boy.

Sonic: That's a good question. Anyway, I'm hopin' little Soniqua will "accidently" get murdered to death on this job, that way I won't have to pay child support anymore.

Tails: You are a despicable piece of shit.

Sonic: I really am. Well, I gotta run. Good luck with your butthole.

(Sonic put channel in Little House, and Sonic and Soniqua leaves Tails)

T.V Announcer: We now return to 48 straight hours of Little House on the Prairie!

Tails: Heh heh, alright. I actually like Little House.

T.V Announcer:(In Spanish) On Telemundo.

Tails: God dammit!

(in Bomberman game, Sonic visits Bomberman)

Bomberman: Hey, hey, Sonic! Glad to have you aboard. We're gonna need to carefully get rid of all these left over bombs, and—

(Soniqua appears)

Bomberman: Oh, good God! What the hell is that?!

Sonic: Oh, this is my little Soniqua.

(Sonic came to Soniqua.)

Sonic: You're gonna be daddy's little bomb defuser today, aren't you? Yes you are. Yes you are.

(Sonic gives Soniqua the bomb, and she swallows it. Soniqua eats all the bombs)

Bomberman: What are you doing?! That's gonna kill her…

(Soniqua munches it)


(Soniqua burps.)

Bomberman: Well, I'll be! That's some little ace you got, there.

Soniqua: Avocado!

Sonic: Eh, each day's a gift.

(Soniqua plays around)

Bomberman: Well, great work.

(Bomberman pays the money to Sonic)

Bomberman: Here's your pay for a job well done.

Sonic: So that's it? You're not gonna try and kill me, or turn me into one of those creepy smiley balloons, over there?

Balloon: Go fuck yourself!

Bomberman: Of course not. Why would I do such a thing?

(Bomberman pays the money to Sonic, again)

Bomberman: In fact, here's a little extra for such a great job. Now who wants to go get hammered?

Sonic: Hell yeah, new best friend! Let me just drop off this disgusting bundle of joy first.

Bomberman: Cool. I know this great little taco place over a—

(Soniqua spits all the bombs to Bomberman, and the bombs exploded)

Soniqua: Soniqua want ice cream!

Sonic: Of course, you do.

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