Burger Time Logo
“Fryin' and buyin'” — Knuckles

Burger Time is a pun of Burger King and from an NES game. Where the player has to make burgers. The place made it's first appearance in Burger Time. Knuckles the Echidna is the owner of the place and he said it was the "4th largest burger franchise branch south of the Green Hill Zone."

Sonic once worked here to get some money and gave Eggman four burgers, and Sonic then quit. He later showed Tails he put "special sauce" in the last burger.

The place wasn't seen again until Sonic and Tails were arguing and stooped for lunch, without paying Knuckles in It's On.

In Restart, Sonic later showed up, with no money or a job, and Knuckles told him, he's "still cleaning hedgehog juice off of the deep-fryer." Knuckles then gave Sonic another try at working there, and Sonic may have kept the job, but then Tails showed up, got Sonic mad, and Sonic burned the place to the ground, along with stealing Knuckles' moped.

(Former) Employees



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