"Sonic For Hire: Burger Time" is the eight episode of the first season of the Sonic For Hire series. In this episode, Sonic gets a job at Burger Time.


Sonic gets a job at fast food restaurant, Burger Time (of Burgertime), which is owned by Knuckles the Echidna. Unfortunately for Sonic, Dr. Eggman, his first customer, comes in and orders four burgers. Knuckles proceeds to lead Sonic to the kitchen where he quickly prepares all four burgers and gives them to Eggman. As Eggman happily chows down on his burgers, Sonic roughly tells him to choke on them and leaves after Knuckles orders him to. Back at his apartment, Sonic shows Tails the surveillance tape of him making Eggman's burgers and reveals that he added a "special sauce" (ie: him jizzing) on the burgers. Tails finds it hilarious at first but then realizes that Sonic has stolen Earthworm Jim's T.V. Sonic happily agrees that he is a dick.

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