(The episode begins with Sonic walking over to Knuckles inside Burger Time)

Sonic: Hey, Knuckles. You work here?

Knuckles: Work here? More like, own it! Fryin' and buyin'! You're lookin' at the 4th largest burger franchise branch south of the Green Hill Zone.

Sonic: Oh, good for you...

Knuckles: Fuck yeah, it's good for me! You see that moped outside?

(Sonic turns around)

Sonic: Uhh, no, I can't really see it. I think...the tree's blocking it.

Knuckles: Own that too! Fryin' and buyin'! All right, look sharp, rookie. You got your first customer.

(Dr. Eggman appears Without His Pants)

Dr. Eggman: Why, hello, Sonic!

Sonic: Ah, shitballs...

Dr. Eggman: Give me 4 burgers, pronto!

Knuckles: Great choice, Eggman! Trainee, follow me to the kitch!

(Sonic follows Knuckles to the kitchen)

Dr. Eggman: Hey, make sure that rat washes his hands! I've seen how he cleans toilets.

(In the kitchen, sausage and eggs are walking around the platforms and ladders)

Knuckles: Take it in, new guy. Here's where all the magic happens.

Sonic: What's up with the mutant egg and shit?

Knuckles: Just, kill em' and put em' in the burgers. Fryin' and buyin', baby! Fryin' and buyin'! (walks away)

Sonic: Stop saying, "Fryin' and B--" Oh, whatever.

(Sonic uses dash spin to go up the ladders and platforms to put the burgers together and kill the sausages and eggs in the process)

Sonic: All right, that should do it.

(Sonic carries the 4 finished burgers and drops them on the counter)

Sonic: Here you go!

Dr. Eggman: Took you long enough! (eats the first two burgers, very fast) Oh my god! These are so good! (eats the third burger)

Sonic: You like those burgers, Eggman? Good! I hope you choke on em', you fat piece of shit!

Dr. Eggman: (coughs) What?!

Knuckles: What the? Sonic, get the hell out of here!

Sonic: Back off! I'm out of here. (leaves)

Dr. Eggman: (laughs) Beat it, loser! (eats the last burger)

(Cut to Sonic's house)

Tails: Why are you so happy?

Sonic: Oh, no reason. Hey, I got an idea! (grabs the remote) Let's watch the surveillance tape of me making Eggman's food! (presses the remote)

(Cut to the TV where it showed Sonic putting the burgers together.)

Sonic: Annnnnnnnd, freeze it.

(Sonic paused the television of himself jizzing in the fourth burger)

Sonic: Looks like Eggman ordered the "special sauce."

Tails: (laughs) Oh, man. That is awesome. Hey, isn't this Earthworm Jim's T.V?

Sonic: (laughs) Yeah, I'm a dick.

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