Sonic For Hire: Casino Zone: Part One is the fourth episode of the third season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the thirtieth episode overall. In this episode, Doctor Eggman hatches up a plan to rob Casino Zone.


Princess Potato has been taken back to the office to tell Sonic about Mario's plans. She explains that Mario would only tell her stuff when they were in bed. Tails and Sonic stop before it gets to specific. Though she does mention that he was planning to rob Casino Zone. She also demanded that the duo give her a bucket of martinis and 2 dozens of Vicodin. The two begin formulating a plan to rob Casino Zone blind. Eggman tries to get their attention, and after some mockery tells them that he can help on this. Eggman used to own Casino Zone but had to sell it when times got tough, however, he brilliantly kept a copy of the schematics. Eggman then assembles a team for the job:

Kirby: The Muscle

Jim: Computer Expert + Eyes in the sky

Potato: "Sexy Distraction"

Soniqua: Demolition

Sonic: Master of Disguise

Tails: "Refreshments".

He also states that the vault contains an intense security system, so they will need a genius physicist to control the system, and the only character left is the Noid (from Yo! Noid). With the team in place, they head off. Eggman then remembers that he never installed the security system, having used the money to buy a Slurpee machine, and dismisses the Noid. However, the Noid heard everything about their plan, so Sonic shoots him in the head. With everyone in their positions, the team heads out, ready to pull off the biggest heist in video game history.

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