Sonic For Hire: Casino Zone: Part Two is the fifth episode of the third season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the thirty-first episode overall. In this episode, the plan goes wrong as Sonic gets captured and becomes the main attraction of an ice show.


Jim and Eggman are monitoring the operation to rob Casino Zone in a heavily guarded spy van. Jim asks if Eggman is going to help out, the doctor claims that security will be on alert if he heads out, as well as giving a list of excuses (all of which are impossible due to his physique). Jim then gives the plan: Princess Potato is to distract the pit boss while Kirby takes out the guards. Due to some miscommunication, Kirby inhales Potato instead. When trying to alert Sonic to the drawback in the plan, Sonic states there is more than one flaw: he had been caught and tied up 20 minutes ago. Jim then tells Soniqua to hold off on the explosives, though she turns out to be right behind him. She then vomits up bombs, destroying the van and setting all three ablaze. Sonic is then interrogated by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' own Shredder, the new owner of Casino Zone. Sonic is initially worried that has no defenses against a "homicidal samurai who wears a fucking knife suit", fearing that he is going to do either something related to The Human Centipede or the "under the chair balls thing" from Casino Royale. Shredder instead states that his plan is to turn Sonic into his main attraction by having him star in Sonic on Ice: an ice show about Sonic's past escapades. Sonic is actually stoked about this idea, and Shredder volunteers to help him secure his role. Outside, Tails return to the smoldering remains of the spy van with drinks. Upon seeing the results of their operation, he concludes that it did not go well.

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