Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is an animated video game character that appears in season six of Sonic for Hire. Here, he speaks in a geeky voice and has blue gloves. He is voiced by Ted Wilson (of Gundarr fame).


Dr. Eggman messing with the past caused him to be a big video game star. Sonic wants him to give him back the epoch but he refuses and decides to let Sonic hang out with him (referencing Tails as "the bipedal rabbit that follows Sonic around"). He takes Sonic to "Pong" and shows him that he gets paid to give games a "Bandicoot Makeover", which Sonic thought was a sex move. Sonic brings him to a basement in the Middle East and electrocutes him in an electric chair so he could speak to Sonic about the whereabouts of the epoch. Crash tells him that it's in his garage, which Sonic believes but his own greedy heart forces him to leave the electric chair on.


  • Sonic mistook him at first for Busby the Bobcat.

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