Crash will never let his future be destroyed when it comes to stealing the epoch.
— DVD description

Sonic For Hire: Crash Bandicoot is the fifth episode of the sixth season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the seventieth episode overall. In this episode, Sonic finds out that Crash Bandicoot has stolen the Epoch from Eggman, who has now become a worldwide video game star.


Continuing from the last episode, Sonic finds Crash Bandicoot on the beach, with Sonic demanding that he return the Epoch. Crash refuses, mentioning that Eggman's time travel escapades turned him into "the best thing since 'torn-with-your-hands bread", a side effect of the Butterfly Effect, signifying that sliced bread does not exist in this timeline, much to Sonic's annoyance. Crash offers to take Sonic along with him while he does his job, confusing fellow fox Tails as a "bisexual rabbit that follows Sonic around".

The two arrive in Pong, while Sonic initially assumes that Crash has brought him here to bore him to death, because he's doing a great job of that. Crash explains that he's so famous, he gets personally paid to give games a 'Bandicoot Makeover". Sonic initially confuses this term for a sex move, so Crash demonstrates by using a clock wipe and reskinning the game into "Crash Bandicoot Pong", with his own "Tiki" aesthetic. Sonic sees it as terrible and prepares go give the game his "Sonic Touch", re-reskinning it to "Sonic & Pong" featuring flying toasters, dancing chili dogs, neon images of dancing women, and Crash's previous paddles burning in a pile on the ground. Crash mentions that he should fix Pong, but Sonic drags him away to another game that he claims needs a revamp.

The two are then seen inside a storage cabin in an Arabian village in Metal Slug, with Crash strapped to an electric chair. Crash states that the "Bandicoot Makeover" process is quite restricted with his conditions, while Sonic punches him in the face, briefly electrocutes him, and demands to know where the Epoch is. Crash initially refuses, with Sonic turning on the lever... and threatening to keep doing so until the power in the building is turned off for lack of payment on the bill. Crash gives up and tells Sonic that the Epoch has in been inside his garage all this time. Sonic exclaims that he should have looked there first and accepts Crash's answer, but not before turning on the lever once more as revenge for his cockiness and walks away. Sonic re-enters shortly after, saying that he was aiming to make the whole confrontation as similar to the movie Taken as possible, and asks for Crash's opinion. With Crash being unable to answer thanks to him being electrocuted, Sonic takes this as offense and walks off.

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  • This is the only Season 6 episode where Tails doesn't make a physical appearance.