Sonic For Hire: Dig Dug is the second episode of the second season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the fifteenth episode overall.


In Dig-Dug, Taizo Hori (or Dig Dug) is getting ready for "work". Sonic runs up to him and states that, since Tails is back in the hospital, he now has to find jobs on his own. Dig Dug claims not to know who Sonic is, but he says he could use some help. Dig Dug then explains his "job": burrowing into the ground so he can crush the seemingly harmless creatures that live there with rocks or pumping them full of air until they explode. Sonic is creeped out by this and decides that Dig Dug would get along well with Kirby, as they are both psychopaths. Dig Dug chastises Sonic over his opinion of his "work" and states that he is "cleansing the Earth". Though Sonic reiterates that the "monsters" are seemingly harmless, including one that "looks like the mascot for Syracuse". Dig Dug furiously asks what important things Sonic has ever done, citing that he made some decent games 20 years ago and nothing but "shit" since then, revealing he does know who Sonic is. He further states that he is no better than the monsters and starts beating him senseless. Sonic manages to gain the upper hand and manages to kill Dig Dug by popping him with his own pumper. After helping himself to Dig Dug's wallet, Sonic tells the monsters that they can leave the dirt without fear. The monsters happily cheer Sonic, with him exclaiming that he is awesome. Sonic dashes off as the monsters leave the ground, happily exclaiming that they are going to rape a nearby village.

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