(In Dig Dug game, Taizo Hori was ready for his job, and then Sonic came to Taizo Hori.)

Sonic: What's up, dude? My fox friend's in the hospital, and I gotta get paid. Need some help?

Taizo Hori: What? Who are you?

Sonic: Ha, good one, like you don't know who I am. Seriously, get me some money, and I'll take some shit out for you, whatever.

Taizo Hori: I honestly don't know who you are.

Sonic: Yeah right.

Taizo Hori: But, I could use some help.

Sonic: Wow, really sticking with that joke. All right, anyway, what are we doing, here?

Taizo Hori: Well, I need to dig my way into these monsters' homes, and either crush them to death with a rock, or pump their stomachs full of air until they explode.

Sonic: Well, that's fuckin' disturbing. I should introduce you to my friend, Kirby. You'd get along. You're both psychopaths.

Taizo Hori: Don't judge me! I'm doing important work! I'm cleansing the earth of these vermin! If they were to have roam free, God knows what carnage they would bring!

Sonic: "Cleansing the earth?" Easy there, Adolf. I'm just saying, these guys look pretty harmless. Especially that dude that looks like the mascot for Syracuse.

Taizo Hori: What have you ever done that's so important?! A couple of decent games like 20 years ago, and then a shit load of shitty-shit, since then?!

Sonic: Ah-haaaaa! So, you do know who I am!

Taizo Hori: You're no better than these filthy beasts! YOU DESERVE TO DIE, JUST LIKE THEM!!

(Taizo Hori fights with Sonic, and Sonic grabs Taizo Hori's pumper.)

Taizo Hori: Give me that! I need that!

(Sonic kicks Taizo Hori off, and he pumps Taizo Hori)

Sonic: Oh, yeah! I'm openin' the god damn, right in your proper! BOOM!

(Taizo Hori pops and flew away, and his wallet falls off)

Sonic: Oh, looks like you dropped your wallet. Don't mind, if I do. (grabs the wallet, puts it in his pocket, and tells the monsters.) Don't worry, friendly monsters! That horrible man can't harm you, anymore! You're free to live your lives!

(The monsters cheers to Sonic.)

Sonic: I AM AWESOME!! (dashes away)

(The monsters run away, inside the grass.)

Fygar: Now, we can go rape that village! Weeeee!

Pooka: Hooray, monster rape!

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