Sonic For Hire: Donkey Kong Country is the eleventh episode of the second season of the Sonic For Hire and is the twenty-fourth episode overall. In this episode, Mario finds Luigi dead and wants revenge against Sonic.

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Mario is questioning Sonic on his latest job, thinking everything went off without a hitch. Sonic answers that the job was successful, even though he and Tails are holding up Luigi's corpse, put sunglasses on it, and have Tails supply the voice. Assignment #5 is rather easy: Sonic must head over to Donkey Kong Country and bring back some TNT Barrels, as Mario feels like blowing up worlds. When the two leave, Mario asks Sonic about the obligatory nickname. Coming up with only "Mario Andretti", both characters agree that the running gag has run its course. Sonic and Tails soon find themselves in Donkey Kong Country, somewhere inside Vine Valley. The first thing the two do is dump Luigi's corpse in a stray barrel. When trying to reach the explosives, they are stopped by Candy Kong. Sonic says that they need the TNT she is hoarding and ask her to step aside and put a bag over her head. The ape says that she will only move for a kiss and some sex. While Tails urges Sonic to plow Candy so they can retrieve their bounty, Sonic puts his foot down, saying that while he has once made love to a mutant brain, he will not do the same to "Donkey Kong in a bikini". He ultimately decides to put the bag over her head and then do her. Just then, Mario leaps into the scene, calling Sonic a dead man, while Sonic actually prefers death right about now. The mob boss explains that Frogger, who was supposed to be dead, hopped into his office and explained everything that happened in the last episode. Sonic tries to save face that Frogger is now a lying ghost. When Mario further points out Luigi's corpse, Sonic claims it as typical shenanigans. Mario prepares to kill Sonic right where he stands...until Candy smacks him into a bottomless pit. While Sonic is grateful that the primate has saved his life, when she tries to offer sex as a repayment, Sonic knocks her into the same pit.

At the end of the episode, Mario climbs out of the pit and ominously states that he is still alive.


  • This serves as the prologue for The Battle story arc.