Sonic For Hire: Double Dragon is the ninth episode of the second season of the Sonic For Hire series and is a twenty-second episode overall. In this episode, Mario assigns Sonic to kill the Double Dragon brothers.


Mario has become even more impressed by Sonic's murder of the Angry Birds. He then gives out assignment #3: assassinate Billy and Jimmy Lee: the brothers from Double Dragon. After Sonic's little ordeal about the pronunciation, wondering if it's "brothers" or "brothas" as an annoyed Mario explains they are 2 queer looking white guys that are unrelated. Mario also says that the Black Warriors work for him, and since the brothers are beating everyone up, morale is low in the street crime division as theft and larceny require a great amount of enthusiasm. Sonic asks Mario how long he has to work until his debt is paid, wondering if Mario could keep track of things with a spreadsheet or running tally. Mario agrees to have accounting keep track and sends Sonic on the job. Sonic once again says goodbye to "A.C. Slater" (a reference to Mario Lopez.) Mario is impressed by the comment and sends Sonic out.

In Double Dragon, Sonic confronts the Lee brothers, who also taunt Sonic's attempts to be cool. Sonic admits he has brought his own backup, consisting of Eggman and Earthworm Jim. Unfortunately, the two will not stay focused over a debate on lunch: (Eggman wants General Tso's, Jim wants Pork Vindalu, and both of them saying that the other's order is too spicy). Sonic quells the chaos by telling them they can have both at an Indian place across the street. Eggman and Jim finally approach the brothers, ready to fight... until they are beaten senseless. Sonic laments that he should've brought Soniqua instead, asks a nearby Whip Woman if he can "dip his nan in her Tahiti." Sonic and the Woman leave while Eggman and Jim are reduced to wrecks by the brothers.

At the ending screen, Sonic appears to say that he gave Jim his suit back for the fight, hoping that comments wouldn't pop up about it.

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