Dr. Wily is a minor villan that appears briefly in Sonic For Hire. He is one of several villans called up by Mario
SFH Dr. Wily
to kill Sonic. In "The Battle Part 02", he fights against Tails but is quickly killed by him after being smacked against a wall several times. But as it turns out, because Megaman dies at the end and Sonic for hire are in the same universe, he was probrally arrested a second time. He appered with Mega Man and Guts Man who killed a koopa, got gas and blew up a gas station. He appered in Sonic For Hire: Movie Magic where him and the rest of Mario's old team where on a green screen. It appears that he has some relationship with Mario, that would explain how he got out of prison the first time, he is also the only member of Mario's gang to still be alive.