Sonic For Hire: Wrestlemania is the eleventh episode of the third season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the thirty-seventh episode overall. In this episode, Sonic tries to relieve the stress of being a mob boss by shooting ducks.

Episode/Characters Appearing

Sonic and Tails are in Duck Hunt, following the Dog. Tails notices that Sonic has been looking more frazzled recently, and guesses that the stress of living the life of a crime lord has finally caught up with him. Sonic states that he is fine and that he just needed to calm his nerves. This causes Tails to sarcastically comment that murdering the innocent Ducks helps him be calm. Sonic rebukes that he will murder him and when Tails questions him, he changes the subject to be about pizza and fires his gun, shooting a plane in the process. Tails states that Sonic should take a nap (or a dump, Tails claims it straightens him out). Just then, the Dog hops into the bushes. Sonic appears to be hallucinating, seeing the Dog as "a moose wizard with radioactive fangs" prompting Tails to declare that he should probably not be holding a weapon. Ducks fly everywhere, but Sonic misses every shot. When the Dog gives its signature mocking laughter, Sonic takes it as an insult. Another wave of Ducks fly out, and again Sonic misses every one, and again the Dog laughs. Sonic declares that the Dog is dead and jumps into the bushes. The Dog then begins tearing him apart "with his superhuman powers", with Sonic begging Tails to shoot it. Tails states that while he has done some bad stuff in the past, he will not shoot the Dog. He then however, gets another idea and runs off, leaving Sonic to the canine's blood lust. The next scene shows Sonic in the hospital, with Tails urging him to get rest. Sonic still laments that Tails should have shot the Dog, though Tails explains he did something much worse to it instead. He dressed it up as a baby, put in a stroller, and gave it to Soniqua. The episode ends with Soniqua asking if her new "baby' wants to be breastfed, with Sonic complimenting how weird the scene is.

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