Earthworm Jim: Hey, thanks for doin' this. You came highly recommended from Tails.

Sonic: Yeah, he's a real sweetheart. So what's goin' on here?

Earthworm Jim: Here's the deal. It's raining outside, and I wanna go crawl in the driveway for a bit. So I need you to make sure Bob stays in his bowl and doesn't get in my suit.

(Earthworm Jim jumps off his suit)

Sonic: Yeah, yeah. Don't overfeed him. I got it.

(Sonic walks a little bit further to Earthworm Jim's suit, but Sonic was interrupted by Earthworm Jim)

Earthworm Jim: Hey, were you about to take my suit?

Sonic: Wha-ha-hat? No.

(Earthworm Jim crawls to Sonic)

Sonic: I was just simply moving it further away from Nemo.

Earthworm Jim: Seriously, just, don't take my suit.

Sonic: I wasn't gonna, dick! Just go outside and go have sex with yourself already, Jamie Lee Curtis!

Earthworm Jim: What?

Sonic: Supposedly, she was born a hermaphrodite.

Earthworm Jim: Oh. I, uh, I didn't know that.

Sonic: It's one of those urban legend type deals. You know, uh, I keep meaning to check it on snopes, but, uh, it's not that that high in my priority list. I think she smells diarrhea yogurt right now.

Earthworm Jim: Okay... Just, don't take the suit, all right?

Sonic: You can count on me!

(Earthworm Jim crawls away, and Sonic and Earthworm Jim's suit waves goodbye to him)

Bob: You know, if you give me that suit, I could make you my right hand m--

Sonic: Ass.

(Sonic pushes the fish bowl of the T.V, the fish bowl breaks, and Bob hops)

Sonic: Right, let's see what this suit can do!

(Sonic hops inside Earthworm Jim's suit, and he jumps with his suit)

Sonic: What the? This is it?

(Sonic jumps with his suit, again)

Sonic: I can already do this shit completely naked with white gloves on.

(Bob stops hopping)

Bob: Please. Water. I need... water.

(Bob starts hopping)

Sonic: Tell Jimbo, I'm keepin' this suit, and I'm takin' the T.V. as payment. Later, Sharkbait.

(Sonic dashes away, Bob dies, Earthworm Jim crawls inside, and he jumps for joy)

Earthworm Jim: Whoo! That was great! I, uh-- (sees his suit is gone) Ah, shit.

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