Sonic For Hire: Falco is the twelth episode of the fifth season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the sixty-fourth episode overall. In this episode, Falco challenges Sonic to a Space Race.


The scene opens on the Great Fox. Sonic, Tails, Dr. Eggman, and Earthworm Jim return after seemingly being in Galaga for another mission, hinted by carrying enemies from said game. Sonic proposes that they celebrate their success in the mission by frying up the Galaga bugs, but Tails reminds everyone that they killed about 40 innocent bystanders and they they may not eve be getting paid. Sonic then annoyingly remarks that nobody likes Tails, and discover that Fox McCloud and Falxo Lombardi have arrived to the Great Fox during Sonic and co.'s mission, accusing them of trashing the place.

Sonic tries to remember who he is, calling him Darth Vader, but Tails confirms that he's Fox, and tells the mercenary pilot that they were the ones doing all of their work for them, and demands where they have been. Fox answers by telling them that he and Falco were on Earth and became huge movie stars thanks to Kirby's help, and Sonic follows by making fun of them for that being a waste of time. Fox tells Falco to show Sonic, Tails, Eggman, and Jim the door while he looks around the Great Fox to see what else the group have done, and is horrified to see Mother Brain in the bathtub.

Falco tells them to leave, and Sonic follows with "Or what?". Falco then takes out his blaster and shoots Slippy Toad in the foot, disenegrating it. Peppy Hare asks if he is OK, and Slippy says "Sure, hot dogs sound great right now." Falco admits that this wasn't the best example, but implies the group got the idea, with Sonic questioning Falco by saying that Slippy is on their team. Falco then says that there is only one way to settle this, with Eggman saying Family Feud. Falco says that the doctor is wrong, and challenges Sonic to a space race, saying that the winner will get the Great Fox. Sonic agrees, and tells Eggman to make some adjustments to Sonic's Arwing to defeat Falco. Eggman then asks how mant deep fryers he wants, with Sonic saying he doesn't want any deep fryers. Eggman, though reluctant, still agrees.

Outside the Great Fox, Sonic and Falco are in their Arwings. Eggman tells Sonic that he should press the red button late in the race to give his Arwing a little extra edge. Peppy then announces that the first one to clear the obstacle course and complete two laps around Area 6 wins. Falco and Sonic make verbal jabs at each other as Peppy begins signalling when they two can start racing. Just before Peppy says "go" however, Sonic pushes the button, causing two maces to appear. They smash against Falco's Arwing, and then missiles begin flying at it. Sonic's Arwing then has two hands appear, one of which grabs Falco's Arwing and the other punches it. Several more missiles are shot at it, and the hands then crush the Arwing further. A third group of missiles are fired, and finally Sonic's Arwing lays a bomb that floats slowly towards Falco's Arwing, exploding shortly after and destroying it. Peppy then says "GO!"

After the ending sequence, Fox yells that the group is going to pay for this after he downs half a dozen roofies and washes the disgusting brain sex off of him.

Character Appearances


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