Sonic For Hire: Final Fantasy is the third episode of the fourth season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the forty-second episode overall. In this episode, Sonic and Tunderhead escape from prison and run into the Final Fantasy gang in an RPG-style battle.

Episode/Character Appearances

Thunderhead and Sonic have dug a tunnel to escape from jail, while having an argument when Thunderhead thinks Star Wars was based off of Spaceballs. Sonic expresses relief that he no longer has to be around the viking anymore, but the barbarian will not stop annoying him. It soon comes to their attention that they have tunneled right into Final Fantasy. The Warrior tells them that he, the Thief, the Bard, and the White Mage, are all in the middle of something. Thunderhead thinks they have arrived and Comic-Con, while Sonic thinks they've arrived in a medieval group orgy, prompting Thunderhead to bring out the ass wine. When attention is pointed to the Ahriman behind them, the two think it is a showing of Monsters Inc., once again prompting Thunderhead to get the ass wine. The Warrior tells them to join them or die. The Bard attacks the monster with "Song of Blades", which Sonic is incredulous about, asking why they have not jumped on it, thrown dirt in its eye, or shot it in the spine. Thunderhead shows how it is done by charging at the monster with his ax, despite being unable to hit it because it is not his turn. The White Mage goes on a rant, explaining that these types of battles take strategy and preparation. Thunderhead ultimately solves the problem by summoning the dragon from the Golden Axe episode, watching as it roasts the winged demon. The fighters are impressed by this feat and offer the two to live with them, as kings. All goes well until Thunderhead summons the dragon AGAIN, watching as it burns the fighters to the bone. Sonic calls the warrior out on this, with Thunderhead explaining that he made an executive decision simply because there wasn't going to be enough ass wine to go around. Thunderhead states that he is living in Sonic's place now, and states some ground rules:

  1. He sleeps in the nude.
  2. He refuses to use toilet paper.
  3. He is "the big spoon".

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