Frank is a giant space worm that first appeared in "Asteroids". Doctor Eggman and Earthworm Jim were sent to go blow up some asteroids and grab Buffalo Wild Wings along the way. During their mission, a UFO chased the two, and they took cover in a space rock until it left. Eggman noticed the ground was squishy and then they met Frank who they mistook for trying to kill them and blew up his house. He reveals to the duo that he just wanted to get some Buffalo Wild Wings with them. To make it up to him, Eggman and Jim brought him along to get the food and allowed him to stay in the ship, Much to General Pepper's delight. Sonic commented how Frank didn't make much of a mess as Eggman did.

In the next episode "Destroy Venom", when Frank, Sonic, Eggman, Tails, Earthworm Jim, Mother Brain, Soniqua, Peppy, and Slippy were sent to destroy fighter jets from Planet Venom and establish democracy, he sufficated because the ship he was in was too small. He would have used the larger ship that Mother Brain was using, but she said it would cost him $5. Because he was a space worm and money didn't have value to him, he took the small ship which led him to his death. Mad that everything was messed up, Sonic decided to skip the mission and led the group to Es Spacio's Tacos. Frank and his ship was last seen getting blown up by a Venom's flighter jet. He is mentioned in the episode "Star Wars" where Sarlacc asked if they knew Frank, but Sonic responds that the group "never heard of him"