Frogger was a minor character who appeared in "Frogger". He hops around the street. Sonic was sent to kill him because he was blocking traffic which delayed Mario's shipment of drugs. Sonic and Luigi blocks him, probably plays with him, and then Luigi licks him thinking he was one of those hippy-psycodelic frogs that could get them high. When Luigi got hit by a bus (after ran into traffic when he got high), Frogger says to Sonic, "You're fucked." In "Donkey Kong Country" Sonic and Tails lie and say that Frogger was killed, to cover up luigi's death, and were sent to DK country to get TNT barrels so Mario could blow up some worlds; however, Frogger later hopped into Mario's office sometime after the duo left with Luigi's body, and told the red-capped plumber the whole story which triggered Mario's mission to kill Sonic. Mario stated Frogger told him everything to Sonic, only for Sonic to make up excuses that Frogger was a lying ghost frog, and Luigi was napping in a barrel.