Sonic For Hire: Frogger is the tenth episode of the second season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the twenty-third episode overall. In this episode, Sonic and Luigi attempt to kill Frogger, but things go wrong.

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Mario is rather upset with Sonic, reminding him that he was supposed to kill the Lee brothers. Sonic admits that he fucked up, but tries to win Mario's favor by bringing in a murdered Bub from Bubble Bobble, something that Mario says he didn't even instruct Sonic to do. Under normal circumstances, Mario states that Sonic would be killed, but is instead given a second chance, which is especially good for Sonic, as he ordered lots of stuff off Amazon and had it sent to the office. Mario then gives out assignment #4: murder a certain frog who has been blocking traffic and delaying his drug shipments. He also sends his brother Luigi to keep an eye on Sonic. Sonic and "Luigi Ferrigno" head out, leaving Mario bummed that he doesn't get a nickname this week. In Frogger, Sonic and Luigi are hustling the titular frog. Luigi asks Sonic if Frogger is one of those "hippie psychedelic frogs". Sonic, in a rare display of responsibility, says that he is actually trying to take his job seriously. Luigi ultimately licks the amphibian and becomes super high. While raving about how much he loves everything, Luigi wanders into the street and is flattened by a bus. Frogger then hops away, not after telling the hedgehog that he is fucked.