Gilius Thunderhead is a major character in the Sonic For Hire series. He mostly is seen helping Sonic out with certains things and seems to be a good friend of him.

Sonic For Hire

He first appeared in "Sonic For Hire: Golden Axe ", where he hires Sonic for a reason that was not explained, his motive was then revealed to be that he wanted to see Sonic and Tyris "bang each other like wild boars" while he pleasures himself. Sonic doesn't like the idea until Thunderhead offers to pay him triple, Sonic then gets scorched by Tyris' dragon flames, which Thunderhead then says " yeah he he he he, now grab her tits".

He later appears in the episode "The Battle: Part 02" bursting through the wall with Eggman, Jim, and Kirby as one of Sonic's allies against Mario and his group of various goons. He kills Pit by ramming into him and then he kills Dracula by slicing him in half. An image of him is shown and he is mentioned in the season 3 finale, the narrator says that he opened up Sonic's old tapper bar, but was thrown in jail for sexual harassment, serving minors, statutory axe chopping and just being a general creep.

Still in jail he appears at the end of Sonic For Hire: Atari and is in the same cell as Sonic. He says they should celebrate and that he'll get the ass wine. In Megaman Dies At The End episode "On The Lam" Doctor Wily says "look that viking (Thunderhead) is having sex with a blue hamster (Sonic)" Sonic tells them that they're not having sex but breaking out, Thunderhead then says "and then we're gonna have sex".

He is then at the beginning of Sonic For Hire: Final Fantasy coming out of a hole that they were digging to escape from jail having an argument with Sonic about if Space Balls is a parody of Starwars or the other way around. They then realise that they're in the middle of something, how ever not realising that it is a fight between the main characters in Final Fantasy and a monster. Him and Sonic aren't sure what's going on though, so they discuss what might. Thunderhead comes up with the idea that it's comicon but Sonic says it's a medeival orgy, Thunderhead then says he'll get the ass wine. The characters then tell them that they're battling a monster. Sonic then says " oh shit, I love Monsters Inc." Thunderhead says they'll watch that and he'll get the ass wine. Sonic see's how weak there fighting is and tells Thunderhead show them how to use an ax. He uses the ax saying " yeah, let's go Billy Crystal, let's see you make kids laugh now fucker" the final fantasy crew tells them that to win a battle they need strategy and skill. He then summons his dragon that incinerates the monster. The FF crew says that for defeating the beast they should come back with them and feast like kings. He then summons the dragon again but this time to incinerate the FF crew. Sonic then yells at him for ruining such a sweet deal. Gilius responds by saying he didn't have enough ass wine for everyone and that he had to make an executive decision. He then also says that he's living with sonic now, but first lists his 3 house rules before the episode ends. In "Pokemon" he fights sinequa's dog and loses, and gets fucked by said dog at the end, it is believed that he moved out of sonics house. He is later seen a the premire of "Two bad characters" being called a guest, despite the fact he is in the movie. 

He appears at the end of season 5, as soon as he arrives tails says they're leaving. And like everone else he crashed into Sonic's apartment.

in series 6, in the episode Thunderhead, he is shown in the alternate timeline he represents sonic in the public view and is considered the 'real' sonic. Sonic challenges him to a spin dash competition and loses.


  • Thunderhead is presumed to be bisexual because in the Megaman Dies At The End episode On The Lam Dr. Wily said "That viking is having sex with a blue hamster." But Sonic tells him that there breaking out and Thunderhead claims that there breaking out first then there gonna have sex.
  • He managed to put 4 condoms of wine in his ass.