"Sonic For Hire: Golden Axe" is the twelfth episode of the first season of the Sonic For Hire series. In this episode, Sonic gets a job that involves banging a female warrior.


Sonic arrives on a battlefield in Golden Axe where Gilius Thunderhead and Tyris Flare are killing some enemies. Sonic asks Thunderhead where he can get an ax since everyone has a sharp weapon except him. Thunderhead believes that Sonic is eyeing Flare and needs to get laid. Disgusted, Sonic asks why he's here. Thunderhead replies that he wants him and Tyris to have sex while he masturbates. Sonic is against the idea and instead offers to kill the enemies to get paid. He is thanked by Tyris after killing off the rest of the enemies and she wishes to "do it on the battlefield". Sonic is baffled that both of them want this but agrees to do it when Thunderhead promises to pay him triple. Tyris then summons a dragon that incinerates Sonic. Thunderhead is aroused by this and tells the charred Sonic to grab Tyris' tits.

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