(In Golden Axe place, Gilius Thunderhead, and Tyris Flare fights the enemies, and then Sonic came.)

Sonic: So, where can I get a cool axe like that? Everyone seems to have sharp objects, except me.

Gilius Thunderhead: Ooooooohhh! I see you eyeballin' Tyris up there! Somebody needs to get laid, bro!

(Gilius Thunderhead comes over to Sonic.)

Sonic: What? I wasn't eyeballing. I'm just trying not to get chopped in half, okay?

Gilius Thunderhead: Na-na-na, don't worry about the chumps. Just focus on the humps!

Sonic: But what's goin' on here? Did you bring me out here just to get me laid or something?

(Tyris Flare keeps fighting the enemies)

Gilius Thunderhead: Dude, you gotta hit that ass. It's like gym class. I'm talkin' double voit. SPIKE THAT SHIT!!

Sonic: Those are just random words, right?

Gilius Thunderhead: Maybe.

Sonic: You're a fuckin' idiot. Seriously, why am I here?

Gilius Thunderhead: I want you and Tyris to bang each other like wild ogres while I pleasure myself.

Sonic: Dude, why is Tails trying to whore me out? There is no way I'm doing that. What's this pay again? No, no, fuck that, man. This is fuckin' creepy.

(Gilius Thunderhead hits the blue basket man, the basket man runs away, and Gilius Thunderhead lay down)

Gilius Thunderhead: Aw, come on, man! I've got some good feedo, here! Get into it, eh?

Sonic: Look, weirdo. I'm just gonna fight all these goons, you could pay me, and I can get the fuck outta here.

(Sonic uses his spin dash, he kills the enemies with his spin dash, and then he stops.)

Tyris Flare: Thank you, brave warrior. Now, let's do it on the battlefield.

Sonic: Wha?! You're into this, too?! I don't know. This is just a little bit much for me.

Gilius Thunderhead: We'll pay you triple.

Sonic: I'm in, perverts.

Tyris Flare: Excellent. Let's heat things up.

(Tyris Flare uses her powers, and the dragon breathes fire at Sonic, and then the dragon stops breathing fire. Sonic lays himself burning.)

Gilius Thunderhead: Ye-he-he-hea! Now, grab her tits.

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