Sonic For Hire: Ice Hockey is the fifth episode of second season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the nineteenth episode overall. In this episode, Sonic becomes a member of a Russian Ice Hockey team who he murders along with their opponents, and he is locked up for his crime and needs to go to "alternative" sources to get himself out.


Sonic is shown in jail, along with King Hippo. Tails arrives and is suspicious of Sonic's actions and the $100,000 bail, asking if he has murdered Soniqua. Sonic claims he did not on the grounds that "They don't put you in jail for that nowadays." He states that he got a job in Ice Hockey, playing for the Russian team. He further states the job was a nightmare for 3 reasons:

  1. He sucks at hockey.
  2. No one could speak English well.
  3. All the other players kept dogpiling him.

Sonic says that he ultimately ended up in jail when all the players started attacking each other. Tails thinks that the bail was expensive for something as simple as a hockey brawl, but Sonic says that he got carried away and murdered all the players with a Zamboni. Sonic then questions Tails on where he got the money to bail him out. Tails mentions that he had to borrow it from someone. Sonic is worried that it may be Eggman, but Tails admits that it is much worse. Sonic is then seen nervously awaiting his fate in a fancy office. The anonymous benefactor reveals himself to be Mario( of the namesake series). Once a plumber, now the biggest crime lord on the planet, Mario tells Sonic that he now owes him the money used to pay his bail, and needs to earn it by working for him. The episode ends as Sonic lets out a weary "Shitballs."

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