Sonic: Kirbone! What's up, pal? Tails said you needed help getting rid of the bad element here.

Kirby: Oh yes, Sonic! It's just horrible!

Sonic: I gotta say, it doesn't seem so bad here.

Kirby: Oh, no. Their menaces. Just look at this evil prick.

Roly-Poly: Why hello there, fellows. Lovely day we're hav-

(Kirby inhales Roly-Poly)

Sonic: What, what, that guy didn't seem so terrible.

Kirby: Here comes another motherfucker.

Parasol Waddle Dee: Another glorious day on Ice Cream-

(Kirby inhales Parasol Waddle Dee)

Sonic: Kirby, these are the bad guys? I think that last one was trying to offer us money in a sandwich.

Kirby: I just have the nack for murdering.

Sonic: You know Kirby, I think I'm gonna take off. It was great seeing you. It really was, but uh, I gotta something to do uh, I'm gay gay. I'm gay.

Kirby: (laughs) Sonic! You really shouldn't leave, or else I'll devour you like of these maggots and take your powers. (Inhales Sonic) Now murder away of Kirby's gonna get a whole lot faster.

Minny: Sonic old friend, how is your (screaming because Sonic is murdering him) WHY ARE YOU...(dies)

Kirby: Brilliant! Doesn't it seem wonderful? Like flying a kite in a burning poppy field!

Sonic: Kirby, you're sick fuck.

Kirby: Would it make you feel better if I told you they were actually robots with no feelings or emotions?

Sonic: F-for real?

Kirby: Nope, they're real. See ya later, murderer!

(Episode ends)

Kirby: That's fucking bullshit! (laughs)