Sonic For Hire Shorts - Link's Video Game Fashion Don't-sies01:30

Sonic For Hire Shorts - Link's Video Game Fashion Don't-sies

Link's Video Game Fashion Don't-sies is a short that appears at the end of Season 3 of Sonic For Hire. In this short, Link comments on the "do's" and "don'ts" of fashion.


Link starts off his show with Samus saying how it's Metroid, not Lady Gaga (commenting on Samus' out-of-suit appearance. He moves onto Lara Croft saying how she shouldn't dress like Bruce Willis. Link then puts some clothes onto Lara saying it's better for her sense of fashion. Suddenly, Melina shows up saying she has a score to settle with Link. Link greets Melina but says her appearance is hideous and Melina attacks him. The show ends and the last words spoken by Link are "It's Triforce, not Tri-force yourself on me!".

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