Sonic For Hire: Link is the second episode of the third season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the twenty-eighth episode overall. In this episode, Sonic and the gang try to find Peach to get some word of Mario's plans.


Sonic has traveled to The Legend of Zelda to search Hyrule for new domain to claim. Entering a cave, he comes across the Old Man, who gives his trademark "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this." to him. Sonic snatches the sword and demands that the old timer give him his stuff. The geezer states that the sword is all he has and that it is already free and of poor craftsmanship. Sonic then asks for gift cards or something else, but the Old Man yells at Sonic to leave. Sonic assaults the Wizard, causing him to say "I have a small wiener." Sonic, who has been reading the text above him, angrily storms out as the Old Man has a cheap laugh. Sonic then returns with the sword to Tails, Eggman, Jim, and Thunderhead. He states that it could be useful to fence. As the podiatrist, worm, and barbarian argue about where to sell the sword, the weapon falls apart in Sonic's hands when he swings it. Tails admits that the group is going nowhere with their schemes and suggests finding Princess Peach, saying that she may know of Mario's plans as she was close to him. At that moment, Link walks in, to be greeted with a warm welcome. Tails is not as excited due to the Hero of Time's flamboyant mannerisms. The adventurer decides that what the group needs is not to find the princess, but margaritas. Tails becomes increasingly worried that another mob family will eventually take them out if they do not do something. Link then states that if they really wish to find the princess, they just have to follow him. Link takes the heroes through Shaq-fu and BOB: Heart of Darkness, before reaching their destination: Margarita Manor. The episode ends as Sonic, Eggman, Jim, Thunderhead, and Link proceed to go insane while Tails yells "I hate you, I fucking hate all of you!"

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To see the transcript of this episode, click here.

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