Episode Guide

Ep No# Season Ep No# Image Name Summary Release Date
14 1 ExciteBike preview ExciteBike After being turned back to normal in the hospital, Sonic replaces an injured ExciteBiker in a race. June 26, 2011
Sonic is back to normal. Now he has time to do anything for a rent.
15 2 Dig dug preview Dig Dug Taizo Hori hires Sonic to help him kill the monsters, but Sonic thinks that he's just like Kirby. July 3, 2011
Sonic tries to kill the retarded monsters underground.
16 3 Pacman preview PacMan After being "fired" by Pacman, Sonic helps the four ghosts defeat him in order to get revenge. July 10, 2011
Sonic and the Ghost Gang defeat Pac-Man for backing off.
17 4 Mortal Kombat preview Mortal Kombat Sonic gets hired to "help a special needs kid" who turns out to be a nightmarish, retarded monster from another dimension. July 17, 2011
Sonic helps Soniqua who turns out to be a beast.
18 5 Bomberman preview Bomberman Sonic tries to murder his daughter Soniqua, but instead, he makes a new friend... July 24, 2011
Sonic and Soniqua became friends thanks to her being a piggy.
19 6 Ice Hockey preview Ice Hockey Sonic becomes a member of a Russian Ice Hockey team who he murders along with their opponents, and he is locked up for his crime and needs to go to "alternative" sources to get himself out. July 31, 2011
Sonic goes on an ice athlete hunt!
20 7 Toad preview Toad In his first job from Mario, Sonic finds and kills Toad who has been having an intimate relationship with his "Bird Girlfriend" Birdo August 7, 2011
Sonic does his jobs whether he does or fucks up.
21 8 Angry Bird preview Angry Birds Sonic's next objective is to kill the Angry Birds when Mario says that they're getting too popular for his taste. August 14, 2011
Mario hires Sonic to go on a bird hunt.
22 9 Double Dragon preview Double Dragon Mario's next objective for Sonic is to help his goons defeat Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee, but Sonic's plan doesn't seem to work. August 21, 2011
Sonic tries to kill the brothers, but instead of doing that, he gives Earthworm Jim's suit to him.
23 10 Photo-4 Frogger Sonic and Luigi attempt to kill Frogger, but things go wrong. August 28, 2011
Sonic and Luigi try to kill a frog. However, the hedgehog's sure fucked good.
24 11 SFHDKC screenshot Donkey Kong Country With Luigi dead, Mario wants revenge. September 4, 2011
Being dead sucks.
25 12 Mario and the goons The Battle: Part 01 Mario got all his goons and plans to kill Sonic. September 11, 2011
Is there a plumber in the house?
26 13 Mario dies The Battle: Part 02 Sonic and Mario, and some other weirdos fight to survive. Who will win? September 18, 2011
Time for Sonic for a battle royal.

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