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Ep no# Image Name Summary
1 ImagesCA0M5OUN Restart Sonic gets a job at Burger Time again, and his first customer is Tails, who rubs his success in Sonic's face.
Time for Sonic to start from the bottom all over again.
2 ImagesCAGJ0RC9 Atari Sonic works on the Atari games, but fails every time.
Sonic is scraping at the bottom of the barrel.
3 ImagesCACPWG15 Final Fantasy Sonic and Gilius escape prison and run into the Final Fantasy gang in an RPG-style battle.
Sonic and Thunderhead are the original Odd Couple. Well, not really, but Thuderhead is super annoying.
4 ImagesCAFA8Z9J Pokemon Sonic and Gilius fight in the underground Pokemon tournament and their first oppenent happens to be Soniqua.
Sonic and Thunderhead delve into the dark world of underground fighting with cute wittle animals.
5 ImagesCATWXVK7 Cash Explosion We take a look at the life of the new rich jerk, Tails.
We take a look into the life of the newest rich asshole, Tails.
6 ImagesCA263OR8 Scribblenauts Maxwell hires Sonic to help him obtain a starite, but Sonic tries to create a way out of his horrible life by using the power of the notebook.
Sonic tries to create his way out of his shitty life.
7 ImagesCAD93EG3 MegaMan Sonic attempts to rob a gas station as mentioned in the previous episode and runs into Megaman and Co. from Megaman Dies at the End.
It's the cross over you've been waiting for. For like 7 weeks or something.
8 ImagesCA0WFGFL The New Kirby Sonic works with Kirby (who is now a holywood producer) and gives him the offer to star in "Sonic: One bad Character" with Tails as his co-star.
Sonic gets some new direction from Hollywood's hottest bigwig.
9 ImagesCAL08PZ2 Mass Effect Sonic gets an interview about his apperences in movies, including Sonic: One bad Character. However, Sonic meets bad company.
Sonic is back in the spotlight!
10 ImagesCA8C68UO Two Bad Characters Sonic, Kirby and Tails meet for brunch, and start planning for the movie.
Sonic loves it when a plan comes together.
11 ImagesCAVG1398 El Padrino Eggman and Earthworm Jim are brought back by Sonic to make the movie.
Eggman and Earthworm Jim have definitely had some coke and a smile.
12 ImagesCAV7A1F8 Movie Magic The movie Two bad Characters is in action.
It's time to make a movie!!
13 Sonic Head The Red Carpet The premiere of two bad characters is here. However, is the movie going to be good or is it going to be worse?
The movie is here! It's showtime!

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