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Ep No# Image Name Summary
1 Photo-12 Sonic For Hire: Star Fox Sonic is paid by the star fox team to kill their mortal enemy, Andross.
In space, Sonic is still an asshole.
2 Photo-13 Sonic For Hire: Aliens Sonic and tails are sent in a mission to destroy aliens and their queen.
Aliens have had enough of Tails.
3 Photo-14 Sonic For Hire: Joust sonic and tails are jousting against a flock of space ostriches, when they meet Eggman and Jim.
Sonic has definitely had some Space Ostriches to joust.
4 Photo-15 Sonic For Hire: Blaster Master Blaster Master comes to Eggman asking if he can fix "Sophia".
Eggman goes on to fix Sophia or something.
5 Die Sonic For Hire: Mother Brain Sonic and tails are off to assassinate mother brain, and end up in danger, but luckily, a certain brian monster is here to save the day.
Sonic and Tails are off for revenge!
6 Whole crew Sonic For Hire: Asteroids Eggman and Jim are to destroy asteroids.
Eggman and Earthworm Jim get some new direction from a giant space worm.
7 Ganaum Sonic For Hire: Destroy Venom The gang must eliminate the fighter jets from Venom and estallish a democracy.
Sonic and crew are about to establish a democracy!
8 Photo-17 Sonic For Hire: Star Wars Jim is thirsty and the rest of the crew visit a Jedi.
Sonic and crew visit a Jedi master. Jim wants some water though.
9 Sonic&possom Sonic For Hire: Rocket Knight Adventures Sonic has been hired by Sparkster the Possum Knight, but things starts getting weird.
Sonic goes on to see some rodent in a suit of armor.
10 Sonic and co Sonic For Hire: StarCraft
Sonic and crew go on track with the space construction.
11 Shadow with the crew Sonic For Hire: Shadow Shadow the Hedgehog gets a visit from the Great Fox before getting arrested by the space police.
Sonic gets a new visitor on the run.
12 Image5 Sonic For Hire: Falco Fox and Falco return from earth to find out what happened.
Time for Sonic for the big race.
13 In a ship Sonic For Hire: Space Chicken Sonic and co. leave the Great Fox to play Space Chicken and leave Fox McCloud out.
Go home, play chicken.

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