Cover Title Release date
Volume 1 April 13, 2015
Contains: Paperboy, Punch Drunk, Toe Jam & Earl, Robotnik, Street Fighter, Earthworm Jim, Burger Time, Oregon Trail, Metroid, Kirby, Tetris, Golden Axe, Kid Icarus

Bonus Features: "Ask Soniqua", "Slow Down" (Gomez By Gomez), "Cooking With Eggman", "Meet Metal Sonic"

Volume 2 July 27, 2015
Contains: Excitebike, Dig Dug, PacMan, Mortal Kombat, Bomberman, Ice Hockey, Toad, Angry Birds, Double Dragon, Frogger, Donkey Kong Country, The Battle: Part 01, The Battle: Part 02

Bonus Features: LowBrow studio tour, "The Hedgehog Family Players", "Sonic, Lord of the Rats"

Volume 3 November 9, 2015
Contains: Tapper, Link, Peach, Casino Zone: Part One, Casino Zone: Part Two, Casino Zone: Part Three, Tecmo Bowl, The War: Part One, The War: Part Two, Wrestlemania, Duck Hunt, Contra, It's On

Bonus Features: Interview with creator Mike Parker, "How to make a Sonic For Hire cartoon", "Potato Talk - Star Trek: Into Darkness", "Kill Tails"

Volume 4 February 22, 2016
Contains: Restart, Atari, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Cash Explosion, Scribblenauts, MegaMan, The New Kirby, Mass Effect, Two Bad Characters, El Padrino, Movie Magic, The Red Carpet

Bonus Features: "The Terror of the Street", "Super Soniqua", "Sonic Frees the Forest Animals"

Volume 5 February 22, 2016
Contains: Star Fox, Aliens, Joust, Blaster Master, Mother Brain, Asteroids, Destroy Venom, Star Wars, Rocket Knight Adventures, StarCraft, Shadow, Falco, Space Chicken

Bonus Features: "Space Race" game, "Sonic For Hire Drinking Game", Mega Man Dies at the End episode "Showdown"

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