Lucca was (most likely) a girlfriend of Sonic the Hedgehog sometime prior before the series. Sonic and Lucca had sex roughly 10 years before the series started. Sonic apparently left her after sex and hasn't contacted her since, unknown to him that he got here pregnant and never payed child support. She married Chrono and has twins (a boy and girl) that look like Sonic in Lucca's clothes. She appears to dislike Chrono and the kids to some extent (yelling at Chrono for not taking out the trash and calling her kids "wonder twins"). She provided Sonic and, later, the gang (Miles "Tails" Prower, Earthworm Jim, and Doctor Eggman) with time machines, the time machines are actually chrono's (she thinks chrono is a hoarder). Just before Sonic altered his future, he stopped at the moment he and lucca had sex, after failing to avoid this event twice he had Eggman (disguised as Sonic) to have sex with her. In the present, despite the constant time altering throughout the series, she is stil married to chrono but has a child that looks like Eggman in her clothes.

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