Sonic For Hire: MegaMan is the seventh episode of the fourth season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the forty-sixth episode overall. In this episode, Sonic attempts to rob a gas station and runs into MegaMan and co. from the Mega Man Dies at the End series.

Episode/Characters Appearing

Sonic wanders through Super Mario Kart, finding a gas station called the Gassy Donut. The Koopa attendant seems to recognize him. Sonic claims not to know him, though the Koopa claims that everyone knows him, thanks to his murder of Mario. Sonic then proceeds to pull out his new gun and rob the place blind. As the Koopa begs for his life, a ship drops out of the sky and crushes him. Who else pops out of the ship than Megaman, Gutsman, and Dr. Wily (not from the official Megaman series, but from Sonic for Hire's sister show: Megaman Dies at the End). Wily and Gutsman run into the store for a bathroom break and some booze, respectively, leaving Megaman outside to fuel the ship. Things are pretty awkward between the two blue dudes. The two then talk about each others various shenanigans in their respective series so far. After getting the whereabouts of Thunderhead out of the way, Sonic asks him if his name is pronounced Megaman or Omegaman, similar to opossum. After metntioning his top secret mission back in his own show, Megaman asks whether Sonic and Tails are still "dating". Initially realizing that he thinks he is gay, Sonic tries to tell him how Tails got rich and the two are not even speaking anymore. Megaman asks if Sonic can help fuel his ship or if their is somebody else who can do it. Sonic admits he was robbing the place until Megaman showed up. Megaman states that it is pretty convenient for the "gratuitous crossover episode". Wily and Gutsman head back out, explaining that they should leave because Gutsman started shooting propane tanks and the station is about to explode. Sonic bids an awkward farewell to "Opossumman", confusing Gutsman, as the ship flies away. Seconds later, the gas station does indeed explode. The crossover ends when a large group of retarded looking characters asks if they are too late for the crossover.

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