"Sonic For Hire: Metroid" is the ninth episode of the first season of the Sonic for Hire series. In this episode, Sonic is hired by Mother Brain to spend the weekend with her.


Tails gets Sonic the job of becoming Mother Brain's (of Metroid) escort for the weekend, much to Sonic's dismay. After downing fourteen kerosenitinis (martinis spiked with kerosene), Sonic spends the entire weekend drunk with Mother Brain, doing things like gambling, watching dolphins, watching a giant ape on the Eiffel tower, and going to a strip club. The next day, Sonic tries to discreetly leave, but Mother Brain reveals that they had sex last night and Sonic now has a child within hours of intercourse, as Mother Brain is a mutant brain monster, who is shown to be a lump of mutated flesh who barfs on Sonic, who utters a defeated "Fuck."

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