Mob is a crime company. The original owner was Mario.


In Ice Hockey, when Sonic was tossed in jail, Tails had no other choice but to turn to Mario to get the $100,000 needed to bail Sonic out.

After that, Sonic was sent to kill different people Mario wanted dead, to pay off his debt. Sonic failed a few times, but Mario wasn't too mad.

In Donkey Kong Country, the last straw came, when Sonic accidentally killed Luigi in Frogger, but he didn't know and then he tried to kill Sonic, but failed. He then showed he survived the fall.

In The Battle: Part 02, Sonic then killed Mario and took over the Mob.

Later in It's On, Tails took over and Sonic didn't want this, Tails then ended up blowing up the Mob, so no one would be the boss.





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