Mother Brain is a major characer in Sonic For Hire. She is the mother of Soniqua and is married to Sonic, her husband.

Sonic For Hire

She first appeaed in the episode "Metroid" when she hired Sonic to be with her for the weekend, ending with Sonic and Mother Brain in bed. During the episode she continuously flirted with Sonic, calling him cute and shirtless. The two enjoyed themselves throughout the weekend (although Sonic was drunk half the time) In the end Mother Brain flirted with Sonic as he was about to leave, thinking they could "take another ride on the brain train" much to Sonic's linking who tries to make up an excuse that he's gay, which she doesn't buy claiming that Sonic "ate her brain last night like a frickin zombie!" Disappointed, Mother Brain asks Sonic to at least say goodbye to their kids before he leaves. Sonic's confused by this because the two had sex a few hours ago, only for Mother brain to say "What do you expect, I'm a mutant brain monster," and that she pops out kids like a gumball machine, thus Soniqua is born.

In the episode "Tetris" Sonic brought Dr. Eggman, and Earthworm Jim to her home so they could give Jim back his suit only to discover that Sonic used it as a diaper for Soniqua. Mother Brain claimed they were out of tin foil. After Soniqua scared away Eggman and Earthworm Jim, and Sonic gloated at them for the victory, Mother Brain told Sonic that was late on the Child Support causing him to run away.

Later she was mentioned by Sonic in "Donkey Kong Country", when he objected to have sex with Donkey Kong, despite having sex with Mother Brain.

She last seen in "Wrestlemania", when she came to pick up Soniqua to find her hungover. She then argues and fights with Princess Peach, Amy Rose, and the girl grunt. Peach tries to fight mother brain, but is pushed onto amy, who then pushes peach right onto mother brain out of the arena, losing the fight.

She later appeared in Sonic For Hire: Movie Magic where she did want to sleep with Tails but instead Tails wanted to sleep with Lara Croft.

She reappears in Season 5 "Mother Brain" where Sonic is sent to kill her. He and Tails try to distract her saying Sonic wanted to have sex with her, however Sonic couldn't do it so he tries to kill her, only to realize they failed to bring guns, so Sonic threw Tails in order to improvise, which also failed. Out of anger, Mother Brain sent her minions to kill Sonic, only for him to be saved by Soniqua killing the minions and destroying her mother's home. Sonic makes it up to Mother Brain by allowing her, her minions, and Soniqua to move into the great fox. They spent the remainder of this episode and the episode "Asteroids" watching TV, which Mother Brain seemed to like.