Sonic For Hire: Movie Magic is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the fifty-first episode overall. In this episode, Kirby begins the production of the movie "Tails and Sonic: Two Bad Characters".


"Two Bad Characters" is now ready to be filmed, but in the scene where Mario's gang attacks Sonic's gang, Tails and Sonic had switch roles and Kirby is playing as Mario. The scene was not the same as from the beginning of Sonic For Hire: The Battle: Part 02 because Tails said some things Sonic never said and pissed on him because of Kirby shouting "Queue the piss!!". In the paperboy scene, Tails leaps from a house with the same TV in his hands. The same police car come and the cop orders Tails to come down to the station and rape a bunch of barely legal hookers (which Sonic absolutely loves). Next, Kirby asks Tails to hook up with Mother Brain but Tails asks for Lara Croft as a replacement. In the Tecmo Bowl sequence, Sonic is ordered by Tails to get on a donkey suit. Sonic says to Tails in the next scene, that since he is living Tails' life, shouldn't he be rich and shouldn't it be his Cash Explosion but Tails declines and throws a milkshake on him and drives off. Then Eggman comes in and says something about coke and tits.

Characters Appearing

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