"Sonic For Hire: Oregon Trail" is the eighth episode of the first season of the Sonic For Hire series. In this episode, Sonic gets a job escorting a dysfunctional family of three across the country.


Sonic is leading a family comprised of Hezikiah, Eliza and Lil' Boone in a wagon pulled by an ox across the country in Oregon Trail. However, in the middle of the trip, Hezikiah and Eliza get into an argument, which ends up becoming physical and Eliza ends up getting broken arm after being struck by Hezikiah. After which Hezikiah threatens to shoot the text box if it doesn't comply with his request, to which the text box proclaims that Eliza clumsily fell down some stairs. Hatching an idea, Sonic leaves the family for a moment and meets up with the native chief to ask for food, but notices the pipe he is holding and ends up becoming high. He returns to the family, whom he tells of his experiences, only for Sonic to find out the family has died. Completely unmoved, Sonic decides to take all the wagon tongues and watch season 4 of The Wire with the Chief.

Characters Appearing


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  • The episode started a five episode streak where Tails doesn't make a physical appearance.
  • In fact, between this episode and Golden Axe, this is the longest streak of episodes that Tails does not appear in the series.