(in Pac-Man game, Pac-Man eats a little bit of dots, but Sonic dashes to get all the dots, and meets Pac-Man)

Sonic: Ya-hay! Showcasing my skills! You like that? Now, go talk to your boss and hook me up with a job, chop-chop.

Pac-Man: Dude, who the fuck are you? This is my game, asshole! You see that name up there?

(Pac-Man and Sonic shows up the title called, "Pac-Man")

Sonic: I'm not a strong reader.

Pac-Man: It says, this is my turf. So, back off before I straight up chomp your ass!

Sonic: Whatever, pixel dick! Your pellets taste like dog shit anyway! (walks away)

(Sonic walks out of the game)

Sonic: Stupid yellow asshole. "Chomp my ass." I'll chomp his ass.

(Sonic stops, and sees the rock from the Dig Dug episode)

Sonic: Where'd that rock come from?

Blinky: Psst! Hey, buddy! You still need a job?

Sonic: Nuhhh, I don't know. I banged 3 ghosts at 1 time before, but 4 might be a little much.

Blinky: That's, uh, not what we're talking about.

(Pac-Man game starts, and Pac-Man's ready to eat all the dots, but Sonic being a ghost caught Pac-Man with his own speed. The Ghost Gangs cheer to Sonic.)

Sonic: Man, that was great! All right, if you guys just turn me back to normal and pay me, I'll be on my way.

Blinky: (laugh) Oh we can't change you back.

Sonic: Ha-ha! Good one! Seriously, dude, change me back. I was an eggplant for like 6 months. I ain't doin' that shit, again.

Blinky: Sorry, man. Can't help you. Bye-bye!

(The Ghost Gang floats away)

Sonic: Wait, wait, you guys are just.........gonna float away, just that's it. Fly, float away, gone...Shit....Clearly, I did not think this through. Uhh.

(Sonic floats away, and he saw Sonic died from this rock)

Sonic: What the fuck am I gonna do with this thing, now?

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