[A squirrel and a rabbit jumps off a couch. Tails comes in]

Tails: Rent's due, loser. Let's go. Pay up.

Sonic: Ugh, I'm a little short this month. You know I'm good for it, though, right?

Tails: Yeah, you're actually not good for it. You're completely broke. I mean, your TV is an old Dominique Wilkins poster. You're watching a poster.

Sonic: Fuck off, I love this poster.

[Sonic looks at his poster.]

Tails: Hey, don't get all pissy with me, cause I'm the one who saved my money, and didn't blow it on coke and Dreamcast stock.

Sonic: You're the one who gave me that stock!

Tails: Th—that's it. Let's not get into all the details about who purposely screwed who out of all their money. The good news is I might be able to hook you up with a couple of jobs to help you get by.

Sonic: [jumps off the couch] Cool! So what do we got? New Sonic game? Sonic cartoon? Sonic Death Metal album? I don't give a shit. I'll do whatever.

Tails: Well, it's not quite those things...but it's good to know you'll do anything.

[The newspaper appears on the screen. The scene then goes to Paperboy, where Sonic rides a bike delivering papers, and he rides side to side.]

Sonic: This is bullshit! [rides across the builder] Stupid break dancers! [rides across the kid riding forward, and across the car] Get out of the way! [Jumps off the bike] Fuck this! [throws a newspaper at the window, goes through it, jumps back out and takes the television] Alley-oop! [laughs], Sonic wins! [The cops appears on the street.] Oh, shit! [dashes away]

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