Sonic For Hire: Pokemon is the fourth episode of the fourth season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the forty-third episode overall. In this episode, Thunderhead tells Sonic about an underground fighting ring while he was in prison, which ends out being a Pokémon-themed battle area.


Sonic has reluctantly taken Thunderhead back to his apartment, with the barbarian acting like a spoiled child (i.e: complaining about the room, asking Sonic to "change" the poster, asking for something to soak his feet in, and asking for food). Sonic tells him that they are not there to unwind, but to figure out a way to make money. Thunderhead is reminded of the Jean Claude Vandamme films Lionheart and Bloodsport when he remembers that some badasses he met in jail talking about an underground fighting ring. He mentions that all Sonic has to do is bet on him to win, and they will be living like royalty, as long as Sonic claims they do not fight Chung Lee.

The two are then seen in the world of Pokemon, standing with many of the adorable creatures in a happy meadow. Sonic is incredulous that people in jail would tell someone about this. Thunderhead corrects his mistake by mentioning that the place was not talked about by badasses, but by pedophiles. A Trainer approaches Sonic, asking him if he wants to fight. Sonic bets 10 grand on Thunderhead to take down anyone who challenges him. To his surprise, Sonic's opponent is none other than Soniqua and her Duck Hunt Dog (the Trainer is surprised at this revelation, everyone has been calling her "Batshit Crazy Guacamole Nightmare"). Thunderhead is given a pep talk by Sonic, where the hedgehog tells him to summon the dragon, and where Thunderhead asks him to be checked for seizures (referencing a glitch in Sonic's face in the last episode). Thunderhead unleashes a horrible pun and summons the dragon. Amazingly, the Dog is left unscathed and begins mauling the hornheaded pervert. The Trainer comes to Sonic to collect his money and he sics Soniqua on him when he admits he does not have it. The mutant on wheels' loyalty to her father is more important than her new job, so she rips the Trainer in half like a phone book. Sonic is proud of his little psycho and offers to take her home. When Soniqua asks if the Dog can come too. Sonic says that the dog is going to have to stay. Especially since said Dog has made a new friend in Thunderhead... by humping him repeatedly. The pervert happily accepts this treatment.

CHaracter Appearances

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