Princess Potato is a minor character in the Sonic For Hire series. She hails from a Mario knockoff game called Super Italian Labored Town (which doesn't exist). Her first appearance was in "Peach" She showed up with Eggman and Earthworm Jim, and it was revealed that she knew Mario. Sonic decided that it was good enough considering Peach wasn't any help to them and left. In "Casino Zone: Part One" Potato told Sonic and friends that Mario said he was gonna knock over Casino zone, and he would tell her stuff when they were...."Doing it..." In the plan to rob Casino Zone, she was hired as the "sexy distraction". In "Casino Zone: Part Two" during the plan to rob Casino zone, she was killed by Kirby who inhaled her. She was mentioned by Kirby in "Casino Zone Part Three". He had gotten Gonnorhea from eating her.  In season 6 episode Sonic Knuckles, Potato has been elected President in the altered reality.

Potato is described as somewhat a whore *examples are shown in Peach, and Casino Zone: Part One * and she seems to be an alcoholic, and bossy. Her attitude was the reason why Sonic wanted her dead. She must've had millions of STD's because Kirby claimed he got gonorrhea in his mouth when he ate her.

She later returns in Season 6 alive and still a drunk whore. She is revealed to be the President of the United States. In "Thunderhead" She steals the epoch to go time traveling and it causes Mario to come back.