“Tails, grab those coins! I need them for laundry!” — Sonic

"Sonic For Hire: Punch Drunk" is the second episode of the first season of the Sonic For Hire series. In this episode, Sonic becomes a boxer and things don't end up too good.


The episode opens up with Sonic feeling skeptical about a new job Tails has set up for him: fighting Mike Tyson in a boxing match in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!. Unfortunately for Sonic, the bell rings before he can back out. At first, Sonic manages to hold his own against Tyson, even getting a few good punches in, but Tails suggests that Sonic should not try too hard since he placed a bet on him to lose. This causes Sonic to become distracted and leads to losing his rings and him getting severely beaten up by Tyson (questioning why no one is stopping the fight). Later in Sonic's apartment, Sonic is sitting on the couch wrapped in bandages Tails tells him that he has some money left over from all the hospital bills and suggests going down to the Star Light Zone to receive a "spin job". Sonic tells him that he has already invested the money into a frame for his poster, claiming that it will pay for itself "like, 15-20 years." Dumbfounded, Tails begins to call Sonic a "stupid fu-" but is cut off by the end card before he can finish.

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