"Sonic For Hire: Robotnik" is the fourth episode of the first season of the Sonic For Hire series. In this episode, Sonic gets hired by Dr. Eggman to fix his toilet.


Sonic helps Q*bert, who suffers from OCD, by turning all of the tiles on his pyramid the same color, Tails arrives in the Tornado and announces that he already found another job. As they take off in the skies (not noticing that Q*bert has instantly ruined Sonic's work on his pyramid by taking two jumps) Tails states that Sonic's next employer is an old nemesis, but Sonic does not care (as he has gotten poorer to the point of eating woodland animals for dinner). Sonic learns his new client is the diabolical Dr. Robotnik. Sonic wonders if Robotnik has set up some kind of trap for him, but the doctor replies that he's over it and just needs Sonic to unclog his toilet. As it turns out, all of Robotnik's Badniks didn't take his new name: "Eggman", very well and abandoned him, leaving Eggman (who is revealed to be a podiatrist) alone and hanging out in the labs in his underwear. Sonic then reluctantly proceeds to Spin Dash his way through the main pipeline to drain out the colossal clog (on account of Eggman's bacon-wrapped scallops) and demands Eggman to pay up so he can clean up. Unfortunately, Eggman tricks him by way of running off without paying. This causes Sonic to become pissed and swear vengeance against Eggman.

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