Sonic For Hire: Rocket Knight Adventures is the ninth episode of the fifth season of the Sonic For Hire series and is the sixty-first episode overall. In this episode, Sonic helps Sparkster the Possum Knight, but things starts getting weird.


Sonic and Tails, and Dr. Eggman are relaxing in the shower. But until Eggman reveals that he has an erect penis, much to Sonic and Tails disgust and they throw Earthworm Jim into the bathtub. Sparkster the Opossum comes and asks Sonic for help. Sonic agrees and goes out to Sparkster's world to help him defeat enemies (dogs and pigs, and a large metal worm), but Sonic starts complaining about the game's logical explanation. And when they reach to Generallissimo Lioness (who is none other than a pig in a tank), Sonic begins to ask Sparkster in dismay what is going on. But Sparkster eventually admits that he's confused and explains that two different sequels were released at the same time and everything started to go 'humblty-jumpelty!', and asks Sonic what it feels like to have your image ruined by "shitty" games. Sonic remembers the time he turned into a werewolf and asks Sparkster to pay him, but Sparkster is unable. Sonic shoots Sparkster to death and shouts "All hail Generallissimo Lioness!!", with Generallissimo himself yelling "YAAYY!!!".


Character Appearances

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